Virtual store

Virtual store


The store, represented by S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L, is the place where you can find products of the best quality, imported from producers and distributors from UK and not only, addressed to the little children up to three years.


The objective of this project was to create an online store, which by a simple design and warm colors, to express the fact that babies are human being very delicates, angelics that exudes warmth and love and which deserve all the effort to give them the best things.

Because S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. is at start-up, the team AxaSoft Consulting has provided his specialized support and has made every effort to implement an online store at the best quality, adapted to the particular requirements of the customer.


The site is a solution based on ShopIQ - e-commeerce platform, developed in our company, that includes both company presentation elements for S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L., and an online store through which they can sell products from portofolio.

The package of services and functionalities proposed by AxaSoft Consulting was ShopIQ Custom. Starting from the package ShopIQ Base, has been added several modules: multilingual, parameters, advanced products filter, articles and several specific functionalities, resulting te final site.
In addition, S.C. Special Bebe S.R.L. has choosen for services of hosting and online promotion, provided by our company.


Following the implementation of the online store and based on promotional contract signed with AxaSoft Consulting, SC Special Bebe S.R.L. beneffits by the following:

  • Possibility to sale online the products portofolio;
  • Minimum implementation costs; compared to competition, for a complete product and stable, the quality-price ratio is the best
  • Small duration of implementation; it took only 2 weeks of work (including features developed specifically for this site)
  • Online visibility; almost no need for an SEO expert, the application was designed so as to provide a very good indexing in search engines
  • Online image; The graphics used on web page, was designed to play exactly the image and company profile
  • Ease managing the catalog of products; because of the intuitive's interface and of functionalities provided by ShopIQ platform, the management of the catalog is very simple
  • Specialised technical support, at the best quality;

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For much more details about the benefits and functionalities of the solution applied for implementing the Bebestil store, or for information on other software products from AxaSoft Consulting portfolio, please contact us

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